How to use our link building service


As a first step you will need to register. Getting an account will allow you to to view our sites catalog and buy links. Follow this link to register. Registration is completely free!

Browsing the sites catalog

When first step is made you can go further to the sites catalog. You will see a list of websites you can submit your link to with a punch of performance metrics. But you may ask: how to choose the right one?

Let“s make it clear. We are here to make other sites link to your website and send traffic your way, right? 

Is your site new? If no, you will have to discover how many backlinks your website has and make decision about how many links you want to buy next. If yes, you don't have to deal with the count and choose as many sites as you can afford yourself — put them in the shopping cart right away!

Filling up the shopping cart 

You can filter the sites catalog according to your requirements to the metrics. As you chosen enough sites you want to submit your link on you can go to the next step.

Setting the link

Now you have to configure the link. You can choose preceding and succeeding text as well as the link text. Having content on your site makes it much easier to pick up links, so please be sure to have something published online.

Completing the order

Now you are ready to submit your link and the only remaining thing is payment. Click «Checkout» to proceed to the payment page and complete the checkout process. Now you will have to wait for a couple of minutes while we will process your order and submit your link to the selected sites.


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