Anyone who is on the specifics of their activities in any way associated with the Internet at least once heard the concept of seo promotion. Today we'll talk about it and find out what is the short word SEO and where it is applied. So this concept is obtained by adding the abbreviation of the first letters of the English phrase Search Engine Optimization means search engine optimization. Thus seo is a set of measures for the promotion of the site for certain queries in the search results. The main objective of these activities is to attract the greatest number of visitors on the Internet project. SEO is not only a science with a specific set of rules but a skill that is the skill of the webmaster in a timely manner to determine the changing trends in the seo promotion. If seo is the only set of actions that can be applied in practice SEO promotion already in the process of implementing these scientific principles in action. That is, when SEOs begin to apply such knowledge in the field of SEO we are talking about seo promotion. This is the fundamental difference between the two concepts are often confused between many Internet inhabitants. Understanding what is seo promotion determine what caused its popularity. As already mentioned above these actions are necessary to improve the positions of sites in search engines. The need for high ratings due to the possibility of absolutely free to attract target customers from the Internet to websites of a commercial nature on the corporate resources of the manufacturers which in the case of good progress will be able to exist selling their goods only to consumers found on the Internet. The possibility of minimal investment for attracting unlimited number of creditworthy partners and customers give site owners the Internet and seo optimization that it's silly not to use it. Besides popular website is a platform for around the clock sales worldwide. That is why a relatively young profession seo-optimizer began in a rather gentle time one of the most highly sought-after specialties. At the same time schools or courses on the post-Soviet space as a result of the passage of which would be the state certificate is sorely lacking and many of today's popular SEO specialists just came out of the self-taught. Another feature of the formation of Internet era, the desire to get an education not for the sake of a diploma but for the sake of knowledge. Today, anyone including you can independently engaging in self-education to go into the specifics of SEO optimization and become a highly paid professional, even without