If Your business not online then You are not in biznesabothill gates Seo promotion of sites on the Internet, it is a major operation done to improve the site positions in search systems of the Internet is usually Google. If you have lost faith in SEO then we will try to change your opinion and with us you will find a reliable channel to find customers Why it is profitable to be in the TOP 5-10 of your thematic queries because there are hot customers they have a problem and have the money with such clients is a pleasure to work with they can't stand the brain and if you don't have quality SEO of promoting your website and you will be important to you queries to hang on 20-30-40-50-s position then You will quickly make the brain because there are just such low quality clients, They will call you to talk a lot but to buy special will not be Checked We undertake SEO search engine optimization cheap engine to Bitrix bitrix, shop-script opencart Simpla joomla Ucoz wordpress modx shopos wixи other bespoke too. Today, MORE than 70% of goods and services find over the Internet SEO website promotion in search engines Yandex or Google in reality cannot be made after 1 day after 2 days or a week you need to take a sober look at the reality or perhaps razocharovanie the Internet wielded a lot of scams. Will look how should look the correct graph by months for the new domain to the average domain This is a normal average graph of website promotion in search engine Yandex as an expert in Google then you will have your similar schedule all of course depends on the degree of readiness of the site and filling But this chart is exactly the right direction and we should strive to do. Count the number of months of YOUR SEO website promotion look at this chart and see whether you are going on schedule or way behind. It is not worth saying and that so slowly and so deleese in your hands, work faster and the result will be higher. Look at this chart in only half a year next we see there is growth expected with the same right action but they need to do. The last day we see 32 Unika even if we assume that then the website will call 30 people a day that is 900 a month that you started PROFIT from SEO on, and more and only after that you can start counting your savings on other types of advertising. But do not expect the effect to 2-3 a month. This time you are given to improve your site quality component. Find a good company to promote websites or private owners, it is desirable for reviews and with a good portfolio please be patient money at least 6-12 mesazheve then you will succeed. But this is what you need