Website optimization is one of the stages of website promotion in search engines. There is a misconception that once is enough to optimize your website for search engines and the website will be in a good position himself. The qualitative optimization of some queries can go in the top 10 themselves. But no systematic work to ensure a regular flow of visitors from search will not work. First, exactly to the letter to guess the requirements of search engines the first time rarely. Especially for competitive queries. For output of such queries can potrebuetsya in the top two or three cycles with the analysis of the results and of any change in the page. Secondly to said Google external links still play a huge role in ranking sites in search results. In the competitive category only optimizing the results do not achieve Thirdly, the behavior of search engines and competitors are constantly changing. Without those changes, even the website is in good position but unattended SEO Analytics is gradually losing its position If you take the commercial sites of companies that offer real products or services the main goal of website promotion - sales and new customers. Measure the sales for an online store easily. It is more difficult to assess the effect of promoting a website or service offline sales. It's quite difficult for companies with large long contracts where all costs for the site over the year can be recouped with a single trade. Since the impact of promotion on sales is not always possible to accurately measure intermediate indicators used calls and the treatment of the website website traffic from the search position of your website in search results for targeted queries. Calls and treatment depend on site traffic and conversion - ability to encourage visitors to contact the company. The attendance of the search depends on the position and frequency of the selected target requests. The position of the site directly dependent on the effectiveness of SEO of the website. For a balanced assessment of the effectiveness of the promotion it is recommended to use all of these indicators, tracking them over time. To work without regular evaluation of the results - how to drive a car with your eyes closed - it is dangerous and inefficient. Search engines have undergone intensive development in order for people to find the information they need in most cases on the first page of search results. To do this, they divided the queries on a variety of topics and for each topic developed unique criteria for assessing the quality of sites. Special search engine attention was paid to the algorithms determining the quality of new sites for which you have not collected statistics. Versatile and effective promotion strategy abstract don't exist. To build a high-quality strategy to consider