Notes SEO specialist Search engine optimization blogging and web Analytics in simple words SEO website promotion is an essential part of the successful development of any website or unnecessary costs of time and money To promote web-resource in the top for the magic, led by a shaman or good enough of a comprehensive approach to all factors affecting the state of the web resource And generally how to promote a website and whether it is an ordinary blogger these are the questions facing us in this second article of my series on search marketing. I think the answers to these questions are of concern not only young bloggers but bloggers who are confident on their feet in the Internet but I doubt the benefits of optimization and promotion in search engines. And we start with perhaps the most basic of basics. Before you submit tasks and stages of SEO promotion you must delve into the work of search engines. All the details and principles of the structure of the search engines I will not paint. Will show only the most important to explain the principle of promotion. If someone wants to get more information he can read my post about the search engine Yandex, where I clearly and in detail describe the most important technologies of this giant of search in the Internet scheme of Google is similar to some additions. Search engine is a software-hardware complex, which consists of a large number of data centers. The whole working process of a search engine I reflected on the figure. First, due to special algorithms and programs is to collect information from various web resources. Is responsible for this so-called search robot, which in your body contains several different programs with their own unique challenges. After the robot will collect the data portion all information is broken down into smaller components and placed in different cells in data centers. Each cell receives its own number and is located in a certain order. Differently the data processing of each site is called indexing. When an Internet user specifies a query, all data centers indexed pages start to look for the pieces of text in parts, because first the search takes much less time second duplicating information on different sites improves the data integrity of the index. Once all the possible answers are going search engine ranks a web resource that displays information displays a page with the serp results. But this page looks like a numbered list of the different documents. The position of such a document is calculated based on the parameters of ranking text design of pages of site, the number and density of keywords in the text