Read this article and learn about the various SEO-performers what are the payment schemes in the market of SEO, there are their pros and cons and who cannot enter into a contract in any case. === Which is better - SEO-company or freelancer specialist in the state === Pros cheap. Cons of Today, spit in the window will go to SEOs. Each student read a couple of books, calls himself an SEO specialist and is freelancing to earn money. This usually leads to disastrous consequences for client sites as a consequence of the application of filters to a website from Search engines and damaged nerves. Often when a freelancer goes missing for a long time without notice from the network not picking up the phone. The risk of harm to the site by the contractor. With freelancers usually are not a contract and no one sees them personally you communicate with them by mail or at best on Skype so trust freelancer accesses from website is very risky business. Mainly because these pseudo SEOs and formed a General distrust of the SEO service itself. You need to have big luck to find a competent freelancer in SEO. Pros 8 hours a day You will be able to see what he's doing and upload it in various job-related computer and the website. Cons good seo specialist is worth from 80 to 150 Tr per month. Newbie with virtually no experience would agree to work at least 50 MP per month. In addition, You will need to pay monthly different software for it to work a copywriting copywriter and a programmer, designer and a separate budget is required for obtaining references. In sum, all these works will cost You at least 80-90тр monthly and this is a budget for professional seo-company with which to sign a contract and require a result on it. Staff are no guarantees to give you can not. Also do not forget about the fact that he will take up space in Your office and he will have to pay taxes. Staffing specialist with a losing option as it will only lead one of Your project and its knowledge in SEO will be limited. Plus Experience guarantees under the contract a team of professionals for the money which usually pay for the maintenance of 1 office employee. A good SEO company has extensive experience and expert Analytics as is parallel to a lot of projects and can monitor the changes of Search engine algorithms responding quickly to them and making changes to Your website. Cons more likely to run into the company of the newcomer. In this case, the budget you will pay the market average and the quality of services to the level of freelancer. The temptation to succumb to the advertising of so-called market leaders they can be easily identified by the huge staff of the company