First let's agree about terms of use. The term SEO = Search engine optimization = Search engine optimization = web site Promotion = SEO = website Promotion. As we can see the terms used a lot but the essence behind them one. Total Opredelenie an acronym for Search Engine Optimization is a complex of measures to increase the visibility of your site in search engines for targeted search queries. What is SEO in household planee Search Engine Optimization is a set of activities aimed at improving the position of the site in the results of search engines to increase site traffic. Alternative detailed Opredelenie Search Engine Optimization is a set of works on development of the site to change its environment to analyze user behavior aimed at improving existing positions for targeted queries in Google, Yandex and other search engines and obtaining good positions in the TOP 10 on new interesting queries.Of the total number and popularity of promoted queries directly depends on the website traffic from search and hence its popularity.A set of queries on which you are promoting is called semantic kernel of the website. To work on SEO search engine optimization include analysis of the ranking algorithms of search engines to identify the key ranking factors tracking innovations of the search engines current demand analysis of statistics of search queries, visits to sites in the subject drawing up a list of promoted queries of semantic kernel of the site work to improve the website internal optimization work to increase citation of the website external optimization analyzing user behavior on the website and on the pages of results improvement behavioral factors tracking results positions for targeted queries traffic and making adjustments to the current workflow. As tracking results for website promotion there are two key metrics of the position of the site for targeted keywords and search engine traffic for commercial requests. To determine the position of the website you want to specify a search query the search engine and the region of promotion. In Fig.1 presents the results of Yandex in New York region according to the keyword Promotion and manufacturer sites. Figure 1 results of search engine Yandex in 1 New York region 2 according to the keyword Promotion and production sites 3. In the first place in the results 4 appears optimized website 5. To analyze traffic from the issuance are used by system analysts such as Yandex.Metric or Google Analytics. These systems allow you to evaluate targeted traffic the value of specific search query