Even if you know nothing about Internet business you have to have heard such a thing as SEO promotion of sites. That's just what it means for this practice, what is the point to promote your site how to get to the first lines of search engines and that means search engine optimization you probably don't know. Let's try to answer these questions and find out what means SEO promotion of sites in the modern online market. First and foremost you need to understand what does SEO promotion. The abbreviation SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization ie is the optimization of site pages and categories to display correctly in the search services Google, Yandex, Rambler, Yahoo and others. How is optimization Often is not just link building or spam directories and message boards. Moreover it is worth noting that search engines are not particularly friendly to such methods of promotion. If we are talking about website optimization we understand that the site is ready composing the semantic core or in simple words, each page has its own keywords which are pre-formed to those who perform SEO promotion. Thus a correctly formatted tematicheskoe - will help you to be on the first lines in the search. More recently, the Internet was not so widespread as it is today. Just 10 years almost everything has changed. If before people came to the clubs online to find the information that today we can not just find something we can communicate with each other or even buy products. If before the Internet was a luxury now it is necessity. It is difficult to find that person who does not have Internet access, whether phone or computer. The Internet provides the opportunity to promote your business to sell goods or services to place relevant ads, and more. Today we can note a real boom on the Internet owners who make millions but the truth is not all but only those who uses SEO promotion. Business is interested to grab a piece of the market so join a lot of money to simple queries like to buy the iPhone or sell a raccoon was in the first position of the desired website forcing weaker. It is important not to miss your chance to take your place under the sun. The one who had to think about SEO the promotion he will receive a good flow of customers that will bring significant profits. I want to believe that you understand and have thought about the promotion. But let's not hasten and we will discuss a few more questions. Quite a popular question. Top place in the search is not just an opportunity to get a good office in your city. Usually the first place that the prestige of the company revenue and ranking among