The result of the promotion Conclusion 30% of all queries in the TOP 10 Yandex 2 months of work The result of the promotion Highly competitive queries are in the first position for 4 months The result of the promotion On the first line for all requests for 1 month In short the cost of website promotion which we specify in the formation of commercial proposals include all necessary work required to achieve a result. Website promotion in search engines is a process which requires both internal work and external site optimization. Usually absolutely all work on the site which are necessary to achieve high indicators on SEO for promotion of website we carry out on their own and they are all included in the price namely Before starting work on each stage we are compiling a file which described all the work that we expect to perform accordingly if required, You can also control the execution of all processes. If Your company already has a staff or a freelance developer who can perform all SEO using our technical specifications and advice on the implementation of all the required revisions, respectively, and reduced the cost of website promotion. But keep in mind that as a rule it increases the time of website promotion. Our technicians have extensive experience implementing all the necessary technical SEO improvements and, accordingly, we it takes much less time which has a positive effect on the final result. Everything is included in the promotion and site optimization are described in clear terms of reference. As described above in the cost of website promotion includes all the necessary work. But if You want to change something on the website design add the necessary sections to move to another hosting change control system and so we are happy to perform these tasks. If the necessary changes do not take more than 2 hours of our developers that these changes will be made on account of payments for website promotion if to execute improvements need more time then the cost of their implementation is assessed individually and agreed with You. Basic validation System setup web Analytics Yandex Metrics Usability audit of the Site including recommendations for The definition of the semantic core of the site Overview reference optimization Accordingly, we are not only talking about the preparation of the files themselves but also about their introduction to the site. It is also worth considering that when we prepare a commercial offer we know exactly what work will be carried out and performed only those works which are necessary to achieve the result Phones +7800 200-44-28 Department